From 'Yes' to 'I Do': A Guide for Brides and Grooms on the Next Steps After Getting Engaged

Congratulations on your engagement! As you bask in the joy of saying “yes” to a lifetime of love and commitment, the journey toward your dream wedding begins. While it may seem like there’s a mountain of planning ahead, taking the next steps with intention and enthusiasm will help you savor every moment of this special time. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the essential next steps after getting engaged, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable transition from the proposal to the altar.

1. Celebrate the Moment:

Before diving into wedding planning, take a moment to celebrate your engagement. Whether it’s an intimate dinner, a weekend getaway, or a simple toast at home, savor the joy and excitement of this significant milestone with your partner.

2. Share the News:

Spread the love by sharing your engagement news with family and friends. Consider hosting a small gathering or using social media to announce your engagement. Embrace the warm wishes and support from your loved ones as you embark on this exciting journey together.

3. Discuss Wedding Priorities:

Sit down with your partner to discuss your wedding priorities. What elements are most important to each of you? Whether it’s the venue, guest list, or specific traditions, understanding your shared vision will lay the foundation for the planning process. Sit down and separately list your top 5 non negotiables, you would be surprised as to how these may differ.

4. Set a Budget:

Establishing a realistic budget is a crucial step in wedding planning. Be open and honest about your financial situation and decide on a budget that aligns with your priorities. This will guide your decisions and help you allocate resources wisely throughout the planning process.

5. Create a Rough Guest List:

Draft a preliminary guest list to estimate the size of your wedding. This will be essential when choosing a venue and making other key decisions. Keep in mind that the guest list may evolve, but having an initial idea will help you plan accordingly. This information will be required when thinking about what size marquee you will need.

6. Select a Wedding Date:

Choose a few potential wedding dates based on your preferences and any seasonal considerations. This will be a key factor in securing your dream venue and setting the tone for the overall wedding experience. You may also wish to look at out of season dates as huge financial savings can be made across all your suppliers when looking at alterative dates.

7. Start Venue Hunting:

Once you have a budget, guest list, and potential dates in mind, begin the exciting process of venue hunting. Consider factors such as location, capacity, and ambiance. Schedule visits to your top choices and envision the magic of your wedding day in each setting.

8. Hire a Wedding Planner (If Desired):

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or simply want professional guidance, consider hiring a wedding planner. A skilled planner can help streamline the process, offer valuable insights, and ensure a stress-free planning experience. We would always recommend On the Day co ordination at a minimum to ensure that you have the most relaxed wedding day possible.

9. Capture the Moment with Engagement Photos:

Freeze this special time in your relationship with an engagement photoshoot. Choose a photographer whose style resonates with you, and select locations that hold sentimental value. These photos will not only capture your love but also serve as beautiful keepsakes.

10. Begin the Bridal and Groom Attire Search:

Start browsing for wedding attire that reflects your style and vision. Whether you’re envisioning a traditional gown or a more contemporary look, begin exploring options and booking appointments at bridal boutiques or with designers.


Embarking on the journey from engagement to marriage is an exciting chapter filled with love, dreams, and new beginnings. By taking these next steps with thoughtfulness and joy, you’ll pave the way for a wedding that truly reflects the uniqueness of your love story. Enjoy the process, cherish the moments, and get ready to say “I do” in the most magical way possible! We still have some 2024 availability and 2025 is booking up fast, please get in touch to start planning your own Sailcloth wedding or hire a wedding tipi.