It is a standard practice across the Marquee/Tipi and other temporary structure industry, that the customer is held fully responsible for all loss and damage to the hired equipment during the ‘period of hire’, and is required to arrange Insurance on the equipment for the period of hire.

It is possible for the customer to insure the tents and equipment and show us proof of the Insurance. However, this can be time consuming, costly and in some cases difficult when hiring tipis, especially when our open log fire is being used. Please note also that most property Insurance policies have a forcible and violent entry clause and so may not be suitable as they may not cover theft.

As a cost effective and convenient alternative to arranging your own property insurance, we can offer our customers a Damage Waiver, in return for a fee amounting to 3% of the equipment hire charge. By doing so The Cornish Tent Company take the contractual responsibility of accidental loss or damage to our equipment during the hire period.

There are four conditions to the above damage waiver. The customer remains responsible for:

  • The first £500 of accidental loss or damage to the equipment.
  • All loss or damage, resulting from wilful neglect or legal liability.
  • Adhering to any special security arrangements that have been agreed. The customer will be entirely responsible for loss or damage to the equipment resulting from failure to adhere to agreed security arrangements.
  • Any damage or loss to lavatories or generators.

Please note that our damage waiver is NOT event insurance, which event organisers are advised to arrange. This can cover their 3rd party liability, employers liability and/or cancellation cover for the event. We can recommend a supplier if you would like us to.

Should you have any questions relating to this, do not hesitate to contact us. Please remember to let us know, prior to booking, if you would like us to include the Damage Waiver Fee.