Hygge Suitable for Winter

Nordic Tipi hire from £400 per week for Restaurants, Pubs & Cornwall's Hospitality Industry

giant hat noric tipi interior for a winter event

Safely increase your Business

Carry on serving socially distanced suppers this Winter by increasing your business’s floor space safely. It seems to be becoming clear that the ongoing effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic are, sadly, not going away anytime soon. For the hospitality industry, this means planning to ensure that suitable measures are in place to maximise suitable space and mitigate against the restrictions imposed.

When choosing Pub and Restaurant Tipis suitable for Winter, it is imperative to think about the winter weather and the effects this could have on your business. No one wants to sit and dine within a drafty, damp tent, with minimal protection from the elements. This is where our Giant Hat Nordic Tipis come in to play. Available with a myriad of cosy furnishings and when equipped with a rustic fireplace and heating systems, they can provide a warm and cosy environment, whatever the weather. A touch of Hygge!

giant tipis in a town centre

Sited (pretty much) Anywhere

We offer a complete support service and can provide a beautiful safe solution that is profitable for your business. Our structures can be sited pretty much anywhere (grass or carparks) and are available with ballast systems, lighting and climate control.

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