No one is perfect…

but we are trying to be, and we really do care about the environment, besides, it’s in our interest anyway to keep the planet looking dashing (and not underwater), as currently our Tipis & Marquees can only be set up on land (floating Tipi platform pending).

Our policies

Carbon neutral hosting
We have worked closely with LEAP to host and our website and email data with carbon neutral servers.

Single use plastic
We do our very best to not use cable ties therefore reducing our single use plastic usage and reducing plastic pollution. Extra brownie points from Surfers against sewage!

We only use natural cleaning chemicals and avoid bleach-based products at all costs to clean our canvas’. The Tipi’s polycotton can only really be treated with water or we risk damaging the fibres.

Fuel efficiency and burning oil
We make sure we are as fuel efficient as possible by meticulously planning our logistics and journeys to save burning unnecessary fuel and therefore saving us money.

Unfortunately, as a small business we cannot yet afford multiple electric vehicles to fulfil our day to day running of the business. However, we do buy the most fuel-efficient vehicles we can afford. We do dream of an electrified future! Hum.

Sustainable cotton uniform (expect waterproofs).

Reusable water bottles and coffee cups for staff.

Keeping it local
We try to only buy from local suppliers.

All our plastic fabric products that are at the end of their life which cannot be recycled will be sent to incineration rather than landfill.

We use LED lights wherever possible to use less electricity.

All our timber comes from 100% sustainable forests.

We have worked super hard to make sure that we are as eco-friendly as possible, thankfully, we came up with the idea to manufacture our very own furniture by upcycling scaffolding boards.

wood being cut

Read about our sustainable
furniture process

Sustainable furniture process