Meet the crew that makes
all the magic happen.

Sheila Hunkin

Sheila Hunkin - Accounts Manager

Sheila is our accountant extraordinaire, bookkeeper, payroll guru and business advisor. She has been with us from the very beginning. When she’s home in Cornwall you can find her gig rowing and playing the ukulele! Absolutely indispensable through the Pandemic, Sheila made Tent co more efficient and effective than ever, and went above and beyond to make sure her co-workers were looked after. Although Sheila often works remotely, she’s always available and more than willing to advise and inform. When she isn't hard at work, Sheila is one of the biggest animal lovers in the world; But even if you’re not blessed to have 4 legs and a tail, she is one of the most hard working and nicest humans you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Charlie Hogg

Charlie Hogg - Office Manager

Charlie Hogg - aka Charlie HassleHogg. Charlie makes sure all the admin and paperwork is sorted. The team quizmaster, a master of trivia and loves a good podcast. He’s a keen film critique and you’ll often find him wearing a black turtleneck jumper at the cinema. He’s the centre of team morale, always in good spirits and the loveliest guy.

Jim Sibley

Jim Sibley - Foreman

Jim has been with us from the beginning. Along with Will, he is our master Tent and Tipi erector, making sure everything is perfect for your event. Jim loves to cycle, drink a little wine and bang the drums. (He played at Glastonbury with The Black Tambourines). Jim designed our wonderful furniture and is studying Product and Furniture Design BA Hons at the University of Plymouth.

Analisa Marchant

Analisa Marchant - Sales & Event Manager

Analisa & Noodle are the newest members of our sales team, and the organisational leaders of the Tent Co. Having only joined us in 2021, Analisa & Noodle have already proved to be a tour de force of logistics and planning. In their spare time, Analisa enjoys a glass of wine and failed to do dry January 2022. They both enjoy spending time with their family and going on long coastal walks. Analisa is also part of the prestigious St. Just in Roseland parish council. In all seriousness though, they are both some of the kindest, most hard working and reliable mammals you'll ever come across.

Archie Sampson

Archie Sampson - Senior Rigger Crew

Archie joined us here at the Tent Co. at the start of summer 2019 and has taken to the marquee rigging life like a duck to water. It seems like the youngest member of the team runs purely on a diet of biscuits and coffee, yet he is still able to run rings around us old boys. Archie is a mechanic, carpenter, and general tinkerer. In his spare time, Arch loves a festival, beachside bar (like the blue-bar in Porthtowan) and cooking up a storm. A forward thinking and considerate chap that always works his hardest, Archie has proven time and time again to be invaluable to the Tent Co.

Will Sampson

Will Sampson - Senior Rigger Crew

Will is the in-house celebrity starring in Poldark! He has been with the Tent Co. since 2020, and is an essential part of our senior rigging crew and the other half of the brother Sampson posse. Troubleshooting on site and crew management all come naturally to Will, and he’s yet to come across an issue that has stumped him. Will is a regular festival-goer and samples the British and Cornish music scenes, as well as enjoying the thriving social life that goes along with them. He’s a charmer and never says no to a cider or two.

Kieran Lee Saunders

Kieran Lee Saunders - Senior Rigger Crew

Despite being on the job for less than a year, Kieran is one of our most knowledgeable members of staff. He's The job suits him down to a ‘T’ because in the quiet winter months he goes away travelling. A hero in his own right, and a tough exterior with a gooey centre - he's like a cream egg! Kieran enjoys a double dinnus innus (double meal), he’s also a social dynamo, and enjoys the beautiful Cornish countryside. Master of the tunes, you can tell when Kieran is around. He is often the one choosing the site music, and won't hesitate to make a music video for the group chat during his breaks.

Jamie Voller

Jamie Voller - Founder

With a perpetual good mood and killer attitude, Jamie is the nervous system of the CTC. Whether it be on-site or at the warehouse, Jamie can often be seen helping employees with every part of the job, or customers navigate the extensive world of tipis. The master of all trades, you’ll be able to find Jamie’s fingerprints (usually marked with his homemade pesto) on every part of the Tent Co.
After years working in the marquee industry, Jamie started up the Cornish Tent Co. 7 years ago. Starting with just a single tent the company has grown from strength to strength to bring us to where we are today. When Jamie isn’t building tents, he can be found surfing, cooking, playing tennis, studying engineering or taking part in charity events around planet Earth.

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