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Do you supply flooring?
Yes. As standard we use a corn coloured fibre matting called Dandy Dura. This is laid over a protective membrane, tensioned in sections throughout the marquees; meaning there are no loose parts, reducing the risk of tripping over. Our matting is also high heel friendly! We can also provide hard flooring.

Can you provide electricity?
Yes we provide electricity for your event. From power distribution inside and around your Tipi and Sailcloth Tent to inside power sockets for caterers, bands, and photographers. All our electrical equipment is PAT tested. We can even hire a generator in for you. We have a comprehensive list of third-party suppliers that we work with closely on a very regular basis. We can take care of booking these amenities in for you for a small admin fee so that you don’t need to worry about them, we arrange for them to turn up on the same day as us so that everything can be installed and signed off at the same time making everybody’s lives as stress free as possible. Clockwork!  

Can you provide heaters?
Yes, we provide heaters, in a few forms -indoor Tipi open fireplaces or thermostatically controlled space heaters.  We do recommend at least one form of heating even in the summer as it can get chilly in the evening and the naughty early hours of the morning. Tipis and Sailcloth Tents are even great in the winter, they are cosy when combined with our indoor fire pits or space heaters. We can also add on our clear tipi window extensions to shut out the cold winter weather if you are using our Giant Hat Nordic Tipis. Our Sailcloth Tents come with windows and walls as standard.

Do you supply furniture?
Yes, we do supply furniture.We have a full range of furniture, from our hand-crafted rustic tables and benches through to indoor fireplaces and bar units. We also have a selection of different lighting options for both inside and outside our tents and marquees. All our furniture & furnishings can be found in our brochure.

What about lighting?
We can provide lighting for your event, with a wide selection of different lighting options for both inside and outside your Tipi tents and marquees. From long strings of festoon lighting to powerful spotlights we have everything you need to make sure your event carries on into the night. All our lighting options have a very high-quality light temperature for a warm and photogenic finish.

Do you offer insurance?
Yes, we do offer insurance, however we highly recommend to all our customers that you purchase your own event insurance. This will cover you for accidental damage or the loss of our equipment, cancellation or injury to your guests and a whole lot more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more info.

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