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Walking in a Tipi winter wonderland! Autumn and Winter events have proved to be some of the most magical and memorable. We have found clients who chose to have their Wedding, Party or Event in Winter tended to be some of the most imaginative and creative.

Winter Weddings

tipi with lighting

Togetherness makes a winter wedding so special. Roaring fireplaces and a few marquee heaters make you and your guests as snug as a bug in a rug, the hygge sensation! Some clients have even said they have been a bit too warm (perhaps a few too many mulled wines)! Don’t worry though, all our heaters are thermostatically controlled, and you can put on a smaller fire.  If you’re having a winter wedding, especially one in a tent, marquee or tipi, then there are lots of things to think about. Bad weather, keeping guests warm, making sure people can actually see once darkness falls…but if you get it right, the result can be totally magical. A winter wonderland for guests – cosy, warm and inviting.


Hygge fireplace inside tent

Pronounced: “Who – gaa” is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Which we like to think perfectly describes the atmosphere in our tents. The Hygge concept is a fantastic event theme if you need a bit of inspiration. 

Winter Bare Necessities

Tipi at night

Hard Flooring Deck your Tipi or Sailcloth out! Unless the ground at your venue is very firm with no chance of becoming boggy would we recommend matting for winter events. Heating. In the form of fireplaces and marquee space heaters we would not want anyone in our tents getting cold.  Draft Excluders. Rolled up hessian or sandbags where the ground meets the reinforcing edge of the tipi/sailcloth makes a big difference to inside warmth. *Avoid guest seating near entrance/exits. Even if it’s toasty warm in the tents someone sitting near a cold draughty exit will have a miserable time. *If you are using zipper doors for regular entrance and exits (e.g. to the loos) then a curtain of some sort is a very good idea. *By far the best option for the main entrance and exit is a Tipi porch to hang coats & brollies. Outside Lighting, Particularly for loos, walkways, and car parks. Inside Lighting No winter wedding is complete without fairy lights and there is no such thing as too many! Site Manager Some might argue that this is non-essential (it certainly is not during warmer months). We think a site manager is especially important to top up heaters, stoke the fire, tighten straps, secure loose pegs… the list goes on. This is all stuff that we do not want you or your guests to worry about in the dark and the cold.


tipi with floral decoration

Eskimos have 50 words on it, so advice on managing snow in any instance can be varied. Luckily in Cornwall and Southwest snow is rare. One thing for sure is the need to avoid build-up of snow on the tipis and sailcloth tents. A single tipi with its sides down will be far less vulnerable than several interlinked tipis or large sailcloth tents, where the flat roof in the links are particularly exposed to snow build up. If there are heavy snow conditions, there is no alternative but to have someone on site with a very long (soft bristled) broom sweeping snow off the tent. For most light snow conditions keeping tipis and sailcloth tents warm inside (above 10 DegC / 50 DegF) is sufficient. In us you trust. We will do everything we can to make your winter event a huge success, we have a wealth of experience to make sure this is just the case.

Winter Tent Sizes

tipi benches with fur

Whether it is an intimate or an all-out winter shindig, our Tipis (or teepees/tepees) and Sailcloth Tents cater for just about any size do. The Tipis can be used individually or joined to increase guest numbers; the sides can be raised or lowered to create even more space. Our Sailcloth Tents come in various sizes. With beautiful interior details and furnishings, we can help you create a wonderful atmosphere. For winter events we recommend you go for a slightly larger setup than you would in other months of the year.  

Guest NumbersSailcloth NeededTipis Needed
Up to 4019ft x 19ft (6m x 6m) Square 1 Tipi
Up to 6032ft x 30ft (10m x 10m) Circle 1 Tipi
Up to 11032ft x 70ft (10m x 21m) Oval2 Tipi
110+32ft x 70/90ft (10m x 21/28m) Ova3+ Tipi
150+32ft x 90ft (10m x 28m) Oval 4+ Tipi

Need a larger
Winter setup?

outdoor fireplace

We have multiple Tipis and Sailcloth Tents we can link together to seat thousands of people at any one time. We are also constantly increasing our stock of larger Tents so please get in touch to see if we have something larger not yet listed on our website or brochure for your winter event.

We will deliver, install, test and takeaway the tents for you. In the winter months we may require a slightly longer time to build and takedown. We are on call 24/7 for the duration of your hire, and we will be there should you need. We have spare tents, crew, and vehicles at the ready.

candles and table

Furnishings Range

Furnishings Range

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